Pocket FM MOD Apk v5.7.9 For Android Download

Many people’s lives have been made easier by modern technology. There are numerous apps and websites available nowadays that can meet your requirements. Those who enjoy reading should consider switching to the digital format right now.

eBooks and audiobooks are now widely available and come in various formats. You may listen to audiobooks and podcasts on Pocket FM MOD APK.

What Is Pocket FM Mod APK and What Does It Do?

Pocket FM is one of the most dependable Android programmes for listening to podcasts and audiobooks. You may access the two most influential audio nodes with a single click on Pocket FM MOD APK. It’s breathtaking, and the premium plan has a better UI, but it’s too expensive to justify. Users can also download a modified protocol, such as Pocket FM VIP MOD APK, which can be seen below! Without paying a dime to Amazon, you can find the most influential audiobooks.

As previously said, Pocket FM has practically all of the most popular novels available in audiobook format. As a result, it was created for upbeat seekers and readers like you. It’s also been named the most dependable podcast, alongside Audiobook FM, in India. The Pocket FM app contains a comprehensive library of all possible audiobook genres.

Alternative App – AOWhatsapp Apk


  • New audiobooks, stories, and podcasts are added regularly. By browsing or searching for your favourite music, you can listen to them anytime and wherever.
  • Listen to your favourite audiobooks while socialising with other audiobook aficionados.
  • You may easily skip between chapters and move back and forth by 10 seconds with our player, designed exclusively for audio content.
  • Thanks to our built-in sleep timer, you can get a good night’s sleep while listening to your favourite audiobook.
  • The ability to download and listen to music without being connected to the internet.

Some basic features in detail:

Audiobooks, Podcasts, and Stories

This Pocket FM MOD Apk was created in India, with Hindi as the primary language and the top RJ and Indian voiceover performers. Users can choose from various categories on the app to suit their preferences, including romantic love, horror, spirituality, health, religion, business investment, and life. After using this application, players will gain a lot of knowledge and essential life tales. Pocket FM MOD APK also features many Indian books, including the most recent and best-selling titles. You don’t need to go to the library or bookstore to listen to the free app.

Pocket FM MOD Apk v5.7.9 For Android Download
Pocket FM MOD Apk

Relaxing Music

Pocket FM MOD Apkis an app that might help you relax and sleep better at night. The app has many different genres, so it can cater to the user’s various music preferences, notably the app that gives meditation music, which provides you with peace of mind and relaxation in your daily life. As a result, the Pocket FM app will assist you in adjusting your pace of life through passionate music.

Pocket FM MOD Apk v5.7.9 For Android Download
Pocket FM MOD Apk

English as a second language course

Are you unsure of your English language abilities? Don’t worry; Pocket FM MOD APK will help you improve your English skills! Furthermore, the English course on this app is acknowledged as high quality. By assisting you in efficiently improving your English speaking abilities, you will be able to speak English fluently in a short period.

Pocket FM MOD Apk v5.7.9 For Android Download
Pocket FM MOD Apk

Kahaniya (stories)

Popular stories called Kahaniya are also available on Pocket FM MOD APK. Users can download these stories or Kahaniya and watch them even when they are not connected to the internet. Also included are some fascinating anecdotes about Vikram Betal, Akbar Birbal, and other well-known characters. RJ has told these Hindi or Kahaniya stories for the first time, providing users with a more unique and engaging experience. Pocket FM stories are available in various languages and have an extensive library of over 12000 stories that are updated regularly.

How can I Get Pocket FM?

  • Step 1: Download the MODDED-1-exclusive Pocket FM (MOD VIP Unlocked) version.
  • Step 2: Unlock unfamiliar settings on an Android phone. Allow the Unrevealed sources from your phone’s device and attains access.
  • Step 3: Double-click the Pocket FM MOD apk file to launch it. Make your selections.
  • Step 4: On the main screen, follow the instructions.

For Android, get the Pocket FM MOD APK:

Through the excellent portion of the Pocket FM mod apk, users will discover many various forms of entertainment and knowledge. This application includes several features that allow you to enjoy and learn while using it. Furthermore, the VIP unlocked MOD version available on our website will enable you to enjoy the app’s additional capabilities. If you unlock with cash, you will have to pay a hefty fee.

What is the procedure for downloading Pocket FM: Audiobook & Podcast from MoviesMon.In?

Please click the download button at the top of the post or at the bottom of the article to get Pocket FM: Audiobook & Podcast Apk Mod. The Apk file can then be found on M’oviesMon.In “Download” page. You may get Pocket FM MOD APK for free if you follow the steps.

After you’ve downloaded a paid programme, you’ll need to follow the same procedures to install it. Move to the menu in your settings device and privileged access for unknown sources. Then download and install it on your phone.


First and foremost, go to the Google PlayStore and download the Pocket FM App.

  • Get Started Now by Introducing/Opening the Pocket FM App
  • Continue with Phone Number and OTP Verification
  • Select Your Language of Preference > Fill in your basic profile information.
  • Now that we’ve successfully set up an account, we’ll be able to listen to an unlimited number of audiobooks and podcasts.
  • You can watch unlimited entertainment for free for two episodes each day or purchase a Pocket VIP membership to listen to unlimited audiobooks and podcasts. Choose from a variety of stories, audiobooks, and podcasts.
  • Now, you may listen to your favourite stories on audiobooks.
  • Again, a free episode was played, and the next day, that trick was unlocked, allowing you to avoid purchasing a Pocket FM VIP membership and save money.

What do you love in this application software?

You’ll enjoy Pocket FM MOD APK because we’re constantly introducing new audiobooks, tales, and podcasts.

  • You can listen to your favourite songs whenever and wherever you want by browsing or searching for them.
  • Listen to your favourite audiobooks with a lively and fun-loving community of audiobook fans.
  • In our player, specifically designed for audio content, you can easily navigate between chapters and go back and forth for ten seconds.
  • The pleasure of getting a good night’s sleep while listening to your favourite audiobook, thanks to our built-in sleep timer.


One of the most popular top Audiobook apps, capable of keeping users amused for thousands of hours without costing a thing. However, some content is chargeable, but we have previously offered you the Pocket FM MOD APK, which is a modified version of this application.

Apart from audiobooks, you may listen to FM radio, including international stations, and it also offers an extensive music library that can help you relax.


Q. Is it possible to use Pocket FM for free?

A. There are a lot of categories – using Pocket FM, you may search among millions of audiobooks and podcasts. Fantasy, romance, horror, suspense, thriller, drama, classic, and many other genres are available.

Q. Is Pocket FM a practical application?

A. It’s easy to use and has a variety of categories to choose from. So let’s get started. Pocket FM MOD APK is a vernacular language social audio sharing network where users may find high-quality audio shows ranging from audiobooks to horror stories. It contains all of the Indian books found in a library.

Q. Is Pocket FM an app that is just available in India?

A. languages are spoken in India. Pocket FM is situated in Bengaluru, Karnataka, formed in 2018.

Q. What is the procedure for deleting my pocket money App account?

A. Go to the Settings page and select “Delete Account” at the bottom of the page to delete your account on Pocket FM MOD APK.

Q. Is it possible to subscribe to pocket comics?

A. Concerning Your Premium Subscription

You support our mission of providing a quiet space on the Web to capture (and enjoy!) the stories that fascinate you by subscribing to Pocket Premium. You not only get access to a host of powerful features to help you accomplish your goals, but you also support our mission of providing a quiet space on the Web to capture (and enjoy!) the stories that fascinate you.

Q. What is the revenue model for the Pocket app?

A. Pocket’s goal is to deliver us the savings while also making money by partnering with publishers, retailers, and anybody else whose material it saves.

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