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Teaching feeling MOD APK is a very interesting game where you feel like a novel and your task is to take care of a Beautiful girl (Sylvie) whose no one has any parents and her owner has to health and physiological torture him, so your task is trust build ad her health condition improve also you encourage him to get a normal life. This game is not for bellow 18 years age group gamers because in this game you play for a girl and give your task as well as increase safety, trust, comfortable with you also increase love feelings in her against yourself.

In this game you put order and some romance and other activity with this girl Sylvie, so all of the below 18 years age gamers have to avoid this game for gameplay. You have to enjoy playing this Teaching Feeling Mod APK game and win every level when you prove good master of a young beautiful girl for health improvement, trust build against yourself and encourage living a normal life.

Teaching Feeling MOD Apk v3.0.22 (English Latest Version)

What is Teaching Feeling Mod APK?

The Teaching Feeling Mod APK is a modded version of the original Teaching Feeling game. In this game available a young beautiful girl but her health condition and the physiological condition is not good because of her previous owner. In this game, you try to recover her health and go to a normal condition to him easily connect other people and trust with you.

You play this game by use of this young girl and you try to increase love with them for becoming a couple, so this is an 18+ year game avoid teenage people. Al of the game details and feature are explained below the content really all of this content for better results.

Game Details

In this game available a girl name Sylvie can help to recover her health and improve to a normal condition because before she was tortured by the previous owners. This is a visual novel game where you can do 3 things to this girl salvia (talk, rub her head and touch her) and you can use them to complete all levels of this game. The game Teaching Feeling Mod APK is a relationship and 18+ games because some situations or tasks are just like an adult.

In this game, your task is to prove you are a good master through your caring attitude. This game has provided rewards after the complete level of the game which you can use to increase your gaming experience and performance of the game.

The plot has depth

In this Teaching Feeling Mod APK visual game, your role is a doctor and your patient is Sylvie whose health and physiological condition are not good. Your task is to recover her health and improve her physiological condition and encourages living a normal life and build trust with Sylvie to comfort fill with you. In this game, you can achieve a special gift after the trust built by Sylvie and be encouraged to feel better about yourself.

Familiar interactive gameplay

This game has to provide you with a family experience (novel story) and express your intention about the girl. In this game, you can communicate with this girl by touching, talking to, and rubbing her to feel your intentions about the girl Sylvie. In this game, you always try to remove her past experience and encourage her to live a normal life with you (as a love bird). By using this Teaching Feeling Mod APK feature Sylvie has to feel more safety and trust with you and recover her health very firstly.

Intimacy level

In the game, you always try to 50 intimacy levels maintain when you play this game. This intimacy will show you a relationship (love, trust, depends, and many others). If you this to increase this intimacy level then you try things like don’t use “Touch” bottom, always try to cure her disease, many of the things perform which better feel for Sylvie does not feel harassment. This is a very interesting level and increases the love between Sylvie and you.

Maintain a normal life

In this game, you have to treat Sylvie just like a family member, and then the relationship increases between them by taking care and building trust with him. You make sure to maintain a normal life that shows you are a good person who has to maintain both lives (Sylvie and you).

Feature of Teaching Feeling Mod APK

Support offline

You can play this game in offline mode, no need for an internet connection for playing. You can play this game anywhere and any place your need with or without a SIM card because it does not depend on the internet.

Premium Unlocked

This game Teaching Feeling Mod APK is available with a premium feature that increases your gaming experience and plays in this game very easily and impresses Sylvie which helps to complete each level of this game.


The graphics of the game Teaching Feeling Mod APK provide 2D where you can feel the real experience of a family house and girl. On top of all the features are provide the best gaming experience and impresses all of the gamers with her graphics making sure gameplay in your life that very good and unique experience as compared to other games.

User-friendly interface for easy to play

This game provides a simple user interface to gamers for playing games, here available guide feature that helps to complete each step in this game. The game story is just like a novel after reading the game details you easily complete each of the levels and win this game.

Customize character

In the Mod version, you can customize your game character as your need which helps to increase your gaming experience and enjoy playing the game.

Multiple languages supported

In this game available many languages help the community with game characters (Sylvie) and help them as her requirement.

No Ads

This is a great feature in Teaching Feeling Mod APK which helps to progressively gameplay without any distraction. This feature is only available in our Mod version and also unlocked in the original application by spending money.


We provide this game for free to you where available all premium features and much more useful feature that increases your gaming experience and completes each level of this game.

System requirement for gameplay in your device

  • If you play this game on android, make sure your android version is 5.0 or above.
  • This game is the best performance for 4GB ram or above.
  • This game required a Minimum of 800 MB of free space for gameplay on your device.
  • This game is best for 18+ year people if you do not avoid this game.
  • If are you a family lover or help other people then you try this application.

Download and install the process of Teaching Feeling Game

Step-1: First download our Teaching Feeling Mod APK which is an available download section.

Step-2: If you first time installs Apk type application make sure to allow the “Unknown Sources” setting.

Step-3: make sure your device’s RAM is above 4GB and 800 MP spaces available in your device for installing this apk file on your system.

Step-4: Open the apk file on your device then click Install bottom. (Delete all of the Teaching Feeling applications on your device).

Step-5: After waiting for installation click “Done” bottom for use on your device.

Step-6: All is Done, you play this game very well.


Is Teaching Feeling gameplay above the 18+ year age group?

Yes, this game is for the above 18+ age group because available in many of the segments which affect below 18 years gamers. In this game character is a girl who has been unhealthy and mentally harassed by her past owner your task is a normal condition for this girl and increases safety, trust, comfortable with you but all over the time segment many of the actors perform which adult or above 18+ age group people, so avoid this game if are you not coming to this age group.

Is the Teaching Feeling game provide any good experience about society?

Yes this game helps to impact society and after playing this game your communication skills increase, confidence increases for talking to the girl, focus on helpful nature, take care of any other people and many of the feelings increase after playing this game.


Here is an available Teaching Feeling Mod APK application that gets you access to all the premium and advanced features. In this game, you can feel master and help a girl to recover her health and push them to live a normal life also you can use this girl as your need. You can play the game with available of many more feature that helps to complete the level of this game to feel better playing.

In this game, you must complete the entire task and increase trust against this girl Sylvie, and love each other for making a couple in this game. This game Teaching Feeling Mod APK is very interesting due to its unique feature and availability of unique tasks.


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